How to Use Pistachio Butter (37 Ways)

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So many people ask us, "How do you use pistachio butter?" There are endless ways to use our Peppertux Pistachio Butters and Vegan Pistachio Cream. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, there are plenty of delicious options to explore! This post shares 37 ways to use pistachio butter (or pistachio cream). Find the full savory edition here.


1. Spread on Toast / Croissant: A simple and delicious way to enjoy pistachio butter or pistachio cream is to spread it on warm toast or a croissant. A fun twist to the usual toast can be made making a flat croissant! Recipe here.

2. Pistachio Pancakes, Waffles, Crepes: Drizzle pistachio butter or pistachio cream over pancakes, waffles or crepes for a nutty twist. 

3. Pistachio French Toast: Stuff your French toast with pistachio butter or pistachio cream and you will never go back to regular French toast again! Recipe here.

4. Pistachio Oatmeal or Pistachio Overnight Oats: Stir pistachio butter into your oatmeal or make overnight oats for a creamy, nutty addition. Recipe here.

5. Pistachio Granola: Create a flavorful and hearty granola with chopped pistachios and pistachio butter. Recipe here.


6. Pistachio Smoothie: Add a spoonful of pistachio butter to your morning smoothie for added flavor and protein.

7. Pistachio Milk: Yes, you can make pistachio milk at home in less than 1 minute! Enhance your alternative milk game by using pistachio and water. Recipe here.

8. Pistachio Coffee or Pistachio Cream Latte: Froth warm milk with pistachio butter inside. You'll never go back to regular lattes once you try this out!  

No-Bake Desserts

9. Pistachio Ice Cream: Drizzle pistachio butter or pistachio cream over vanilla ice cream or gelato to make a quick version of pistachio gelato when you can’t find one. 

10. Pistachio Affogato: Love coffee? Love pistachios? Love ice cream? This is the dessert for you. Recipe here.

11. Pistachio Truffles: Mix pistachio butter with chocolate to create rich truffles.

12. Pistachio Chocolate Bars: There’s a reason why the Dubai Chocolate went viral! Mix pistachio butter with kataifi or qnafeh and fill chocolate molds for a decadent and crunchy treat. Try the BEST PISTACHIO CHOCOLATE BAR. Recipe here

13. Pistachio Tiramisu: Experience the ultimate indulgence with our Pistachio Tiramisu, a decadent dessert that reimagines the classic Italian favorite!

14. No-Bake Pistachio Brownies: Create an amazingly nutty brownie by adding dollops of pistachio butter or pistachio cream in the batter. 

15. Pistachio Mousse: Mix pistachio butter or pistachio cream with heavy cream to make this light and fluffy dessert. Recipe here.

16. Pistachio Cannoli: This is the cannoli recipe that will wake the secret Italian inside of you. 

17. Pistachio PB Cups or Pistachio Reese's: Who loves PB cups? I sure do! Swap the peanut butter with pistachio butter and you'll have an even tastier chocolate treat. Recipe here

18. Sweet Pistachio Drizzle: Mix pistachio butter or pistachio cream with condensed milk to make a sweet but flavorful sauce for your desserts (e.g. shaved ice or shaved fruit). Recipe here.


19. Pistachio Cookies: There are a gazillion ways to make pistachio cookies using pistachio butter or pistachio cream, and they all taste equally phenomenal. You can find several recipes on our blog. Pistachio Thumbprint Cookie recipe here

20. Pistachio CakeUse pistachio butter or pistachio cream inside your cake batter to make elegant pistachio cake or what the French call "Pistachio Dacquoise." 

21. Cake Filling or Cupcake Filling: Use pistachio butter or pistachio cream as a frostings or fillings for cakes and cupcakes. Find the best cupcake with pistachio filling recipe here

22. Pistachio Ganache: Elevate your cake game by making a super luxurious pistachio ganache. Recipe here

23. Pistachio Brownie: Stuff or top your brownies with the Peppertux Pistachio Butter or Pistachio Cream to add even more richness to your fudgy treat. High protein, gluten free, sugar-free pistachio brownie recipe here.

24. Pistachio Bread: Swirl Peppertux Pistachio Butter or Pistachio Cream into bread dough before baking. You can also make a lovely pistachio babka like we did. 


    25. Pistachio Fruit Dip: Use pistachio butter as a dip for apple slices, berries, bananas, or even veggie sticks.

    26. Pistachio Energy Balls: Combine pistachio butter with oats and flax meal to make energy balls. Recipe here.

    27. Pistachio Crackers or Pistachio Rice Cakes: Spread pistachio butter on crackers or rice cakes for a quick snack.

    28. Pistachio Yogurt: Swirl pistachio butter into yogurt and top with granola or fresh fruit.

    29. Pistachio Charcuterie Board: Did you know brie (yes, cheese!) pairs really well with the Original Pistachio Butter? Sub the fig jam and replace with pistachio butter for an elegant snack.

    30. Pistachio Chocolate Date Bark: We've all seen a ton of viral date bark recipes on social media. Swap the usual PB with pistachio butter and you'll have a true middle eastern snack. Recipe here

    Savory Dishes

    31. Pistachio Salad Dressing: Incorporate pistachio butter into vinaigrettes or creamy dressings.

    32. Pistachio Sauce for Meat and Vegetables: Use pistachio butter to make savory sauces for chicken, pork, or roasted vegetables.

    33. Cacio e Pepe Al Pistacchio: Create a pistachio butter-based sauce for pasta dishes, like cacio e pepe. Recipe here

    34. Pistachio Pesto: Ditch the pine nuts and sub with pistachio butter for the creamiest rich pesto - the results will be divine. Recipe here


    35. Classic PB & J: Add a premium twist to your classic peanut butter & jelly sandwiches by subbing the peanut butter with pistachio butter!

    36. Pistachio Veggie Sandwich: Did you know you could make a unique veggie sandwich by adding pistachio butter? 

    37. Pistachio Mortadella Sandwich: You could technically use pistachio pesto on anything, but pistachio pesto mortadella is just simply awesome. 

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