Dark Chocolate with Turkish Pistachios (72% Cocoa)

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Fresh roasted Turkish pistachios covered in delicate and deep bean to bar dark chocolate (72% cocoa), formed into a perfectly sized 100g bar. 

It also looks so good that we left a window open in our packaging as a tease. Once you maintain eye contact with this bar, there is a 97.9% possibility you'd pick it up and finish it in seconds! (97.9% as a result of a non-clinical trial, a.k.a home testing)

This product is vegan, keto-friendly and only has three natural ingredients. 

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, natural beet sugar, Turkish pistachio, cocoa solids.  
Product does not contain any added vegetable or animal oils besides naturally occurring cocoa oil. 

Allergen Information: Produced in a production facility that handles hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts and dairy products. Our dairy products are handled in separate lines to prevent cross-contamination.

Please fully review our ingredients as they are free from things no-one can ever pronounce, or things that start with a capital "E" or anything that we wouldn't really want to consume on a regular basis. we keep our products simple and maintain a 5-ingredients or less policy (Except for our Cinnamon & Turmeric & Honey dark chocolate bar as it turned out to be delicious).

We either grow or work with local growers directly to source our ingredients as fresh as possible and work in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. That means all of our products will stay on the shelves as little as possible before they arrive at your doorstep. We also airship our chocolates to ensure they remain in the right temperature along the journey across the Atlantic.

We love our products and would like to see you love them too! That's why we're backing all of our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy. Please reach out directly to us here on the website or through the numbers posted on product packaging and we'll work quickly to resolve all issues and provide sincere, quick and personal customer service.

We are a Food Olei 2021 guide selected farm, which is the Michelin Guide equivalent for high-quality extra virgin olive oils. We also won numerous quality medals around the world, most recently the Gold Medal in Italy EVO 2021 and Silver Medal in New York International Olive Oil Competition 2021 on top of the many awards we had from Japan and the UK.