Zeytin’s Precision Manufacturing Process 

We only use clean and sustainable practices from farming to processing our olives. With quality over quantity in mind Zeytin only thrives to produce better products year-on-year, better for communities, better for the environment and better for all of us! 

Great olive oils are made long before processing with rigorous planning, protection from pests,  nourishing the soil and  protecting trees. This process is never-ending and crucial.  

Olives are picked during early harvest when they are still bright green. Dark or black olives indicate mature harvest, which yield high amounts of oil but lack in antioxidants.

Olives are stored in crates to enable air circulation and prevent heat. Low quality manufacturers store their olives in polyethylene bags for days, which disables healthy olives to breathe.

Olives are immediately transferred, stored in optimum temperatures and squeezed within 3 hours being picked to preserve flavor to its utmost capacity.

Olives are squeezed by mechanical means, in a clean, spotless machine. Cleanliness is key as any adulterations would strongly impact the flavor of the oil.

Olive oil is then stored in large air-tight containers in temperature regulated storage facilities. Our oils are bottled shortly after and sealed for protection.