Our Region & Olives

Zeytin Oil - Olives of Troy

The ancient land of Troy is located next to the Aegean on the Western tip of Turkey, and our olive groove is roughly 3.5 miles away from Troy (now called Geyikli).

From hand-harvesting the olives to pressing and bottling, the entire process takes place within the region of Troy, and our olives yield beautifully green extra virgin oils with gold reflections.

Processed from Fruity and Delicious "Memecik" Olives

Our olives are all of "Memecik" variety, local to Turkey and known for its robust, fruity flavors that can yield very low acidity olive oils.

It's characteristic for accurately processed Memecik variety to be packed with flavors of green bananas, tomatoes, green almonds, fresh cut grass, radish and various citruses with a nicely balanced note of bitterness at the end. 

Did you know?

• During the 2018/2019 season, Turkey was the 4th largest producer of olive oil in Europe

• The oldest olive oil facility can be found in west Anatolia near Izmir, Turkey (600 BC)

• Troy has the second highest level of oxygen in the air after the Swiss Alps, thereby enabling olive trees to be healthier than other regions

Ultimate Premium Oil of the Mediterranean Diet!

• Turkey is world's 2nd largest table oil producer

• Turkey produces around 250k tonnes of olive oil each year and Zeytin only takes the best 3-5k tonnes to share with you

• Our top markets are USA, Spain, Italy and Japan

Source of All Olives - "Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)"

• Turkey is the leading gene hub and motherland of olive plants with more than 90 registered varieties 

• Many of those varieties are endemic to the region and has been part of the olive ecosystem since centuries ago

• One of world's oldest olive trees is in Turkey (over 2000 years old) and still produces olives that get pressed into a fine oil that gets auctioned off each year at $20k+ per liter