Meet the Zeytin Team

Ahat Caskurlu, Co-Founder & CEO

Malia Caskurlu, Co-Founder & CMO

It all began when Ahat and Malia went road-tripping along the Mediterranean coast. They stumbled upon a mom and pop restaurant one evening and were served some bread and olive oil as an appetizer. The taste was surreal, and their new mission was to find the same extra virgin olive oil across Turkey, Ahat’s motherland. The two discovered their first product from the modern day of Troy, and Zeytin (meaning ‘olive’ in Turkish) was born.

Since then Ahat has become an olive oil sommelier and Zeytin has branched out to unveil oils from multiple regions across the nation. Every year, the two spend a great amount of time visiting farms to pick out the best flavors Turkey has to offer, while working hands-on during each year’s harvest.