Pistachio Namelaka (Ganache) Recipe

Pistachio Namelaka (Ganache) Recipe

Here is the only ganache recipe you'll ever need: 

• 200g Peppertux Original OR Unsweetened Pistachio Butter (1 jar)
• 200g white chocolate
• 200g heavy cream
• 160ml hot milk
• 2g Agar agar


1. Melt white chocolate over a pot of boiling water (or microwave) and mix in heavy cream until well combined.
2. Add in Peppertux Pistachio Butter and mix until well combined.
3. In a separate pan, heat milk until it simmers. Stir so it does not boil.
4. Pour the agar agar in the milk and stir until it is fully dissolved.
5. Add the milk mixture into the pistachio mixture and mix well. Cover with stretch film and place in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy the next day.

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